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Band Homecoming/Friends and Family Parade

Hey Band (ALUMNI!),


The last year has been tough. Many of our alums missed out on a real marching season, and because of this, I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to give you those experiences back. The idea I came to was to invite you all to an informal parade around the BGHS Parking lot on July 1st. My hope is that this event will become a tradition… we’ll call it… Band HOMECOMING. In the future it will probably happen at the Memorial Day Parade, whenever we have one of those again.  


  • Friends and Family Parade - July 1, 8pm, at BGHS

    • Sadly, there will be no Frontier Days Parade this year on July 4th. 

    • In place of this event, we will be doing a friends and family parade around the BGHS Parking Lot on July 1 at 8pm. 

    • All Family and Friends are invited to join us for the parade!

    • All BGHS Alumni are also invited to attend and/or PARTICIPATE in the parade with the band. Alumni who are interested in joining us should arrive at 7pm to do a brief rehearsal with the band. 

    • T-shirts will be available for alumni for a $10 donation to the band. 

    • Masks will need to be worn whenever we are not performing

    • If you need an instrument - please email or text me immediately to make sure I have one for you (percussionists especially): 224-636-6750.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see many of you there!

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