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2nd Annual Chicagoland Jazz Workshop

Please join us at Buffalo Grove High School for the 2nd annual “Chicagoland Jazz Workshop” that will take place on Saturday, January 20, 2024. This event is open to both middle and high school jazz bands.  


The purpose of this festival is to allow students and their bands to perform in front of top jazz adjudicators and get their immediate feedback on tone quality, intonation, balance/blend, rhythmic feel, interpretation, dynamics, rhythm section feel, programming/presentation and improvisation.  After the performance, the band will receive a clinic on stage from the adjudicators.  Following the on-stage clinic, the ensemble will move to a clinic room for an additional 40 minute clinic.

We encourage all family members, friends and the community to attend and give their support to these great bands as they perform some amazing music.  Please be sure to stop by this page frequently, as it will be updated with more information as the school year progresses.


Pre-Workshop Opportunities

  •  Become a sponsor

Festival Details

  • Participating Schools:  
         Libertyville High School, Elk Grove High School, Lake    Zurich High School, Buffalo Grove High School, Warren Township, Prospect High School, Wheeling High School, and Cooper Middle School.

  • Clinicians:
         Scott Burns, Brian Logan, and Chris Madsen

  • Performance Schedule:  
    8:15 am  Libertyville High School
    8:45 am  Elk Grove Jazz Ensemble
    9:15 am  Lake Zurich Combo
    9:45 am  Buffalo Grove Jazz Band
    10:30 am Elk Grove Jazz Band
    11:00 am  Cooper Middle School Jazz Band
    11:30 am  Lake Zurich High School
    1:00 pm   Warren Township Jazz Lab
    1:30 pm   Prospect Jazz Band II
    2:00 pm  Wheeling Jazz Band II
    2:30 pm   Warren Township Jazz Ensemble II
    3:15 pm    Wheeling Jazz Band I
    3:45 pm   Prospect High School Jazz Band I
    4:15 pm   Warren Township Jazz Ensemble I
    4:45 pm   Buffalo Grove Jazz Ensemble

    **6:00 pm   Special guest performance by Chris Madsen Quartet**

  • Program:

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